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Microblading – Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo – Feather Touching - Austin, TX*

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What is Microblading?

With a tiny blade, our artistic Aesthetic Technician can deposit pigment under the skin of your eyebrows in a cosmetic treatment called microblading. This microblading technique is a semi-permanent procedure for women and men that will enhance the shape and fullness of your eyebrows. There will be no need for daily, heavy make-up applications, constant reapplications, or worry constantly about how your brow makeup looks regardless of weather or physical activity. You cannot sweat off this pigment. Investing in microblading will allow you to have the exact shape of eyebrow you want 24-hours a day.

Ideal candidates for microblading are men and women who want to:

  • Cover and fill-in gaps within the eyebrows
  • Reshape the contour of the eyebrows
  • Add in an arch to the existing shape of the eyebrows

If you have questions or would like to learn more about microblading, please call and speak with one of our friendly patient coordinators at Snyder Dermatology. Make your consultation appointment today.

What is Tinting?

We also offer our patients an eyebrow tinting services. Tinting your eyebrows has never been easier than with an appointment with one of our talented Aesthetic Technicians, who can make your brows look beautifully groomed and natural.

During the Treatment

During your microblading session, you will relax comfortably in the chair while a topical anesthetic is applied to the brow area. Once numb, our Aesthetic Technician will use gentle strokes with a microblade to implant pigment into your eyebrows that looks realistic and natural. This transformational process may take several hours to complete depending on the desired look.

You may also ask to see what the result will look like by having your Aesthetic Technician draw on the design with a removable ink before committing to the semi-permanent pigmentation.

What To Expect

Every person's skin is different, and the skin treated with the pigment will need to heal. You can have picture perfect eyebrows as soon as you wake up in the morning when you have microblading treatments. Expect to have a few follow-up appointments, but you won't need a reapplication for several years (up to 3 years). If your pigment starts to fade, please call and schedule an appointment for a touch up.

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Learn more about microblading at Snyder Dermatology! Please call and schedule an appointment to talk about how microblading can modify the way your brows look without the maintenance of heavy, daily makeup applications. This semi-permanent treatment will change your eyebrows for the better! Please call and schedule a microblading consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists in Austin, TX. 

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