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Reviews for Austin, TX Dermatologist Dr. Renee Snyder Cosmetic Dermatology Services

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Review from G.W.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 31, 2017

Generally you go see a dermatologist when you are having some sort of skin issue or thing you want to address. After seeing 6 different dermatologists over a few years and never getting results I came across Dr. Renee Snyder. Not only does this doctor take the time to listen to all of your challenges and concerns, but she is direct and aggressive in her approach yielding the best results. Her team is extremely knowledgeable and super sweet. She is straight to the point with her approach to targeting all your skin needs. She has the most cutting edge treatments in the Austin area. Her experience and expertise creates an environment that trumps any other in this field. I have found the best dermatologist and if you are needing to figure out who to go to she is your golden opportunity to skin health. The best thing is, if you are on the fence about a protocol, she is a straight shooter and if she doesn't think it is right for you she won't try and sell you on any service or treatment. After your appointment, make sure you go see Rachel for Microneedling and Ultherapy. It makes you look even more amazing!! Then check out their non-toxic skin care and make-up products for sale. Best in the industry! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Apr 13, 2011

I have been treated by both Dr. Renee Snyder and Dr. Ned Snyder. I would give them both 5 stars, they are truly excellent at their craft and I am more than thrilled at my results. Dr. Renee Snyder is spot on with her treatment technique. I have had bad melasma on my face after having kids. She is honest and up front about my treatment options setting my expectations appropriately. In addition, she is does not try to sell you everything under the sun for skin care. She tells you what you need to use that truly works. She is truly and artist with botox and filler. I as well as several of my friends go to her and they do not look frozen from Botox. It is amazing what a natural, refreshed look she can give you with Botox and filler. I have not found anyone who does botox and filler better than her. I also have had two laser treatments done and both have been well worth the money. Rachel who runs the laser is exceptional at her job. Lastly, I had several benign bumps under and over my eyes. I have been to 4 dermatologists for them and all told me there was nothing they could do. Dr. Renee Snyder knew exactly what to do and treated my spots and corrected them. I am thrilled as I was quite self conscience and now they are gone. If I had not gone to her I would have lived with these bumps thinking that nothing could be done as others have told me so.I had a breast augmentation in my twenties and needed another one after two kids. I am very picky when choosing a plastic surgeon and dermatologist. Dr. Ned Snyder specializes in breast augmentation and I can tell by the results of my breast aug.. I was absolutely THRILLED with Dr. Ned Snyder and my breast augmentation. Dr. Ned listened to my needs and did exactly what I wanted with my breast aug. My breasts are natural looking and were very conservatively done, exactly what I had asked him to do. In addition, he performed liposuction on my stomach and thighs. I am only a week out and I am so happy with the results. The incisions are small and follow up has been excellent. I am honestly thrilled with my results and with Dr. Ned Snyder bedside manner and surgical skill. My liposuction looks wonderful and his high skill level is apparent. I use these sites often to learn more about surgeons and I can honestly say that Dr. Ned Snyder is an excellent surgeon and truly has performed incredible work on me. If you are having plastic surgery, he is a must see.As you can see, I felt compelled to write about these two doctors as they both treated me with excellent care and are highly knowledgeable in their craft. 5 stars for sure!!!! More

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