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Reviews for Austin, TX Dermatologist Dr. Renee Snyder Eczema Services

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Review from J.S.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 02, 2019

I've been seeing Dr. Snyder for the past ten years. The first time was when I was splitting my time between Los Angeles and Austin while in graduate school. I had a major eczema problem on my skin. I had no clue that the skin problem was from the fumes of an art project I had been creating for a client, till I discussed the specifics of my days before the out break with Dr. Snyder. She was like one of those damn ghost whisperers, walking me through my days. When she nailed the source, she simply explained to me the problem was from the fumes of the chemicals I was working with at the time (industrial resin and a catalyst). She prescribed a steroid and gave me a skin routine, my eczema went away within a week. Amazing! She is still my "go to" dermatologist for other issues I have had over the past few years. Yes, I travel from LA to Austin to see her. She's that good. Keep in mind that she is straightforward and to the point but awesome! More

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