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Review from L.L.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jun 28, 2018

I have tried different places for skin care, facials and such.  I love Snyder dermatology.  They take very good care of my skin, and educating me and teaching me about the different options in order that I can decided what is best for me, is their priority before providing amazing service.  The staff is incredible.  Very friendly yet professional, and very knowledgeable.   It feels very nice to decide to treat myself, and the experience has been great.  The needling on my face has shown great results.  They also recommend different skin care which has changed my skin for the better.  It glows and I feel amazing.  The skin care truly makes a great difference. More

Review from G.W.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 31, 2017

Generally you go see a dermatologist when you are having some sort of skin issue or thing you want to address. After seeing 6 different dermatologists over a few years and never getting results I came across Dr. Renee Snyder. Not only does this doctor take the time to listen to all of your challenges and concerns, but she is direct and aggressive in her approach yielding the best results. Her team is extremely knowledgeable and super sweet. She is straight to the point with her approach to targeting all your skin needs. She has the most cutting edge treatments in the Austin area. Her experience and expertise creates an environment that trumps any other in this field. I have found the best dermatologist and if you are needing to figure out who to go to she is your golden opportunity to skin health. The best thing is, if you are on the fence about a protocol, she is a straight shooter and if she doesn't think it is right for you she won't try and sell you on any service or treatment. After your appointment, make sure you go see Rachel for Microneedling and Ultherapy. It makes you look even more amazing!! Then check out their non-toxic skin care and make-up products for sale. Best in the industry! More

Review from C.W.  |  Source: ZocDoc  |  Feb 03, 2014

Dr. Snyder is amazing! She really knows her field. My husband and I both see her. I go for yearly check-ups and basic facial needs. My husband has a rare skin disease that is only treatable, not curable. He requires constant maintenance. Dr. Snyer has been incredibly knowledgable with treatments. Also, if you are in need of an anesthetician see Jessica. More

Review from K.K.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Feb 03, 2013

3 year later update: Still the best skin ever. No breakouts. Same topical meds. In addition-- I came back from Japan with a random allergic reaction all over my body. Super itchy, very red, very unable to sleep and uncomfortable from the constant itching. I went to see an allergy doctor for three weeks who said it was my dogs. My dogs. After 3 weeks and about $300 of tests. And I should get rid of them. Eff you. That's a effing cop out. I go see dr. Snyder. She rushes in, looks at my neck, looks at my back, scratches me, and instantly knows what I need. It was Zantac. Zantac was what I needed because it blocked a certain type of allergy (not just for heartburn folks). Not even a prescription. After 24 hours-- gone. Seriously gone. Dr.snyder, I love you. Never change. ---Skin Care Review--- Adult acne. Is there anything worse? I'm almost 30 fregging years old and worrying about acne. Geez. After continuous breakouts, 2 facials, and 3 months of strict, regimented exfoliation, I decided it was time to see a dermatologist. Thanks to Yelp, I think I found my lady. Just had my visit with Dr. Snyder (rated highly in Yelp and in Austin Monthly's Best Doctors of 2012). I get that some people might find her people skills subpar...that certainly matters when going in for serious skin issues. But for my surface area, skin care troubles, I think she's perfect! Granted the total doctor time was less than 10 minutes, but those 10 minutes were damn efficient. She looked at my skin, asked about my morning and evening routine, talked about the prescriptions she was recommending, and walked me through my new Snyderized morning/evening routine that closely resembled my current habits. We're all busy. I had no problems with her no-fuss, get in, do the job, get out style. The whole appointment was less than an hour, and I had leftover time to consult with one of their aestheticians and have a beauty talk for 30 minutes. Eff-yea. If you want a nice friendly doctor who will hold your hand and coddle you, look elsewhere. If you want to improve your skin, save time, get back to life -- Dr. Snyder is your gal. Update 7 days later-- Not a single breakout! The prescription gels were spendy, but damn. SUPER effective. Thanks Dr. S! More

Review from A.K.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Dec 13, 2011

Aging....I'm fighting it with all my might. This is my second visit for a microderm abrasion and chemical peel. The office is situated inside a medical center so the decor is sterile unlike some of the day spas around town that perform similar services. No aroma therapy or calming music here. This is a doctor's office and you have to pay for parking in the garage. I don't have time or patience for relaxation, so I can really appreciate that when I'm here, I get what I was scheduled for and sent on my way. The staff is efficient and well-trained. Yes, my chemical peel hurt like hell and after a few days of peeling like a lizard, my skin looks great. The results that I got are a thousand times better than the results at other day spas. During my appointment for spa services, Dr. Snyder was kind enough to squeeze me in to look at the eczema on my neck and breakouts on my chin. Dr. Snyder is a little cold and has a dry sense of humor. She tells you like it is and cuts out the crap. I prefer information given this way and appreciate that she doesn't waste my time. I got a couple of prescriptions and my skin responded exactly as Dr. Snyder said. My skin looks great and my eczema and pimples are cleared up. I'm very happy! Yes, the spa services are a bit pricer, but one thing to remember---there is no tipping because this is a medical office so the price is actually very comparable to other day spas. More

Review from L.W.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Dec 09, 2007

Nice, knowledgeable, but a bit pricey. I've been to see her twice and to see her aesthetician Rachel once. Renee Synder diagnosed a minor skin condition the first time and the second time she removed a number of little skin tags around my eyes that were grossing me out. She did it just with plain scissors and rubbing alcohol, which made me wonder if I could have saved the $$$ and just done it at home, but I'm glad they're gone. The third time I went, I saw her aesthetician and, in a fit of post-breakup mid-life I-don't-know-what, decided to go for the chemical peel/ microdermabrasion combo which set me back about 150 clams. I looked like I had acne and a sunburn for the next 3 days, but now my skin feels baby-butt smooth, and a number of the weird little discolorations on it (that probably only I noticed anyway) seem to have faded. Anyway, if you are feeling vain and have a little money to burn I suggest you check these ladies out. Dr S suggested some really inexpensive over-the-counter wash and treatment for my face which will help help make up for some of the cost, at least. And *I* feel like I look that much more fabulous now, which is really what counts in the end. More

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