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IPL Photofacial in Austin, TX

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What is IPL Treatment?

Our Austin, TX dermatology offices at Snyder Dermatology are proud to offer the Palomar Rejuvelux™ Pulsed Light Photofacial System for patients seeking the reversal of sun damaged skin. Dr. Snyder along her team of board-certified dermatologists and licensed aestheticians will customize a treatment plan for your skin's condition to produce optimal results in fighting the signs of aging or sun damaged skin. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses light energy to improve broken blood vessels, ruddiness, and rosacea. Additionally, discolorations of the skin such as sun spots and melasma can be effectively treated. One of the most exciting aspects of this treatment is that it can be used as a subsurface resurfacing technique, and new collagen in the skin is generated with repeat treatments. Learn more about IPL by having a skin consultation with us at Snyder Dermatology.

Best Candidates

The best candidates for IPL treatments are those with sun-damaged skin, splotchy red facial skin, visible facial blood vessels, freckles, hyperpigmentation spots, enlarged pores, or fine lines and wrinkles. 

After just 1 – 2 treatments, you will notice an even tone to your skin. Sunspots will fade and pores will become less apparent. Fine lines and wrinkles will soften over time, and improvements will continue with each treatment. Our patients with acne and rosacea will also see a reduction in facial redness with IPL sessions.

During the Treatment

This procedure takes approximately 20 minutes from start to finish, and is associated with only a mild discomfort and facial pinkness after the treatment, which may be covered with makeup. Patients can return to work or resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. In addition, this Intense Pulsed Light system can be used to safely treat aging, rosacea, facial spider veins and photo-damaged skin on the neck, chest and hands in a series of 3 – 6 treatments given at 3 week intervals. Typically, several sessions will be necessary to achieve complete clearance of sunspots, rosacea, and visible blood vessels.

Each patient will be given protective eyewear to put on to prevent any damage to the eyes from the light energy. The Aesthetic Technician will apply a cooling gel on the treatment area, and then place the handheld light source over the area in varying wavelengths. There should be little to no pain with most patients experiencing a slight sting like a rubber band snap. The time of the treatment varies on the size of the treatment area, as well as the condition of the patient’s skin.

Anticipated Results

Immediately after your professional IPL treatment, you can expect a mild sunburn-like sensation, and possibly accompanied by some minor swelling. This usually lasts 2 – 24 hours, and can be soothed with cold gel or ice packs. Sunspots will darken after treatment and be naturally shed from the skin within 1 – 2 weeks. Skin tone will be more even and smooth, with less pronounced redness within a week after treatment. Blood vessels may disappear after treatment or they may appear darker and then fully or partially fade within 10 – 14 days.

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Let's go deeper, below-the-surface of your skin with IPL photofacials at Snyder Dermatology! The advantage to photofacials are that there is no "down-time," and your skin will be slightly pink when you leave, which is easily covered with makeup. The pinkness will resolve over several hours, but your skin will look and feel better with consistent treatments. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and learn how IPL can transform your appearance.

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