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Sclerotherapy in Austin, TX

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What is Sclerotherapy?

We want to help you love your skin again. Sclerotherapy is a treatment to safely remove unattractive spider and varicose veins.  At Snyder Dermatology in Austin, TX,  Dr Elizabeth "Liz" Foley specializes in vein removal.   We see numerous women and men, who are bothered by their very visible clusters of red, blue, and purple veins on the thighs, calves, and ankles. Dr. Foley and our team of talented board-certified dermatologists use a sclerosing agent (hardening agent) injected into the vein causing it to displace, collapse, and then disappear over time. The veins will not return; however, this treatment will not prevent new veins from appearing. If you would like to learn more about sclerotherapy or would like your veins assessed for treatment, please call our friendly patient coordinators to set up your first appointment. By removing your spider and varicose veins, you can restore your skin and confidently show off your legs again.

How to Treat Sclerotherapy

After you have had a consultation with one of our dermatologists, we will provide you with sclerotherapy injections with a sclerosing solution that will be directly injected into the concerning veins. As each patient's treatment is personalized, the number of injections will be determined by the number, size, and location of the veins that are being treated. You may need several injections if the veins cover a wide area. If you are concerned with the pain level of the injections, please ask our dermatologist about a local anesthetic to diminish your discomfort.


There will be no need to miss work or disrupt your daily activities as sclerotherapy does not require downtime in the recovery period from this noninvasive treatment. Some patients may avoid exercise for 24 hours. Many patients wear compression stockings to help the legs heal for a few days. It is possible for there to be skin irritation, slight itching, and some skin discoloration on or near the injection site. The treatment is not immediately visible as it takes 2 – 3 weeks for the veins to fade. In week 6, the patent should see maximum results of sclerotherapy.

Additional Info

Your dermatologist will discuss with you the appropriate amount of treatments needed to attain your aesthetic goals. It may be recommended that your appointments be schedule several months apart. Additional sclerotherapy injection sessions may be necessary for optimal results. Your skin will need time to heal to reveal amazing results.

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Spider veins and varicose veins are unattractive, and may cause you to unnecessarily hide your skin. We offer sclerotherapy to effectively remove the clusters of red, blue and purple veins so that you can show your skin with confidence! Contact our team at Snyder Dermatology about all your options in spider and varicose vein removal. We would be happy to answer any of your questions during a private consultation at one of our area Austin, TX offices.

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