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What is Voluma®?

Dermatologists at Snyder Dermatology are incredibly skilled and well trained injectors with many years of experience, who can help you accomplish the desired youthful look Voluma® can produce. Voluma® is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) filler used to restore volume and lift to the cheeks. Multiple factors contribute to the loss of volume in the cheeks, such as the natural pull of gravity, trauma, and inherited biology. Naturally as our bodies age, wrinkles and the loss of fullness begin to form creating an unflattering appearance. Voluma® is an HA filler gel that temporary improves the deflated look of aged cheeks or naturally flat cheeks. The results produce a restored, youthful fullness to cheeks and it even improves fine lines around the nose and mouth. Voluma® is a product of the Juvéderm® family, but targets different areas of the face.

Administering Voluma®

After consultation with a medical professional, target areas are outlined, prepped and marked for precise injection. In order to ensure even distribution, your dermatologist may also massage the areas of injection. Patients may experience minor pain or pressure from injection but the procedure only lasts 30 – 45 minutes. Daily activities can be resumed after a few hours from injection. Minor bruising, swelling and redness may occur but should only last a few days. Results may be immediately evident but they normally take about 2 – 7 days for Voluma® to set in the apex and apple of the cheeks. Patients are advised to refrain from overexposure of sunlight and strenuous exercise for 24 hours following the treatment of Voluma®. The flattering results of Voluma® typically last 18 – 24 months, which is a great benefit of using this product.

Additional Info

The main ingredient to Voluma® is hyaluronic acid. Naturally produced by the body, hyaluronic acid acts as a kind of lubricant to maintain moisture in the body’s skin, joints, and eyes. It also assists the body’s natural maintenance of collagen. Found in the bones, muscles, tendons and skin, collagen is a type of protein that acts as an adhesive to keep the body together. Since hyaluronic acid operates as a moisturizer, it’s often an ingredient in anti-aging creams, lotions, and lip balm. Voluma® can be used with other fillers, but patients are encouraged to consult with their dermatologist prior to combining treatments. During a consultation, patients are recommended to disclose any allergies or recent surgeries with their dermatologist.

Anticipated Results

The cost of Voluma® varies depending on the amount used in each patient for correction or the desired cosmetic goals. Typically, a single session is likely to require more then one syringe and one may need 2 – 4 syringes.  A consultation is suggested to review realistic goals and anticipated outcomes with each individual patient. A common fear of patients is obtaining a 'pillow type face' for many women who are over plumped.  At Snyder Dermatology we believe that those with aggressively pumped-up lips and cheeks are actually a very small percentage of people, they just happen to be a very visible percentage. You don't notice the person with good results, because they simply look normal. Our board certified dermatologists here at Snyder Dermatology strive to make everyone look more youthful, with a delicate artistic touch. 

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