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EMSCULPT® in Austin, TX

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what is EMSCULPT® ?

Do you live a fit and active lifestyle but still struggle to achieve the toned and chiseled appearance you work so hard for? If so, Snyder Dermatology is happy to introduce EMSCULPT® , a cutting-edge HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology that contours the body nonsurgically. Dr. Renee Snyder and the rest of the team are excited to help Austin, TX area patients achieve their aesthetic goals using innovative and advanced technologies, such as EMSCULPT® . As the first and only dermatology practice in the area to perform this procedure, Snyder Dermatology is excited to offer our patients this excellent and overdue alternative to long hours in the gym. Most commonly used on the abdomen and buttocks, EMSCULPT® works at a cellular level, forcing the treated muscles to build new fibers and protein strands, which sculpts the area. To learn more, contact one of our facilities to schedule a consultation with Dr. Snyder's team.

best Candidates

Healthy adults who live an active lifestyle but struggle to reduce stubborn fat and increase muscle tone are ideal candidates for this procedure. EMSCULPT® is a noninvasive procedure that, when compared to liposuction and plastic surgery, requires less recovery time and no scarring. EMSCULPT® is safe and effective for use on men and women to improve the appearance of the abdomen and/or buttocks without surgery. Dr. Snyder will meet with you during a consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and medical history before deciding if you are an ideal candidate for EMSCULPT® . 

Treatment Technique

EMSCULPT® may be performed the same day as your consultation or scheduled for another day, depending on your treatment plan, availability, and scheduling. Your procedure will be performed in one of our minor procedures rooms in less than an hour. As you relax comfortably in one of our treatment chairs, the EMSCULPT® handpiece will be applied to the selected treatment areas. You may feel vibration and contraction as the device works to aggravate and stimulate the protein strands and fibrous tissue of your muscles. During and after your procedure, you may feel like you have just finished a strenuous workout, which is a good sign that the procedure has worked! To keep your comfortable, Dr. Snyder or a member of our team will monitor and adjust the EMSCULPT® settings so that you remain comfortable. 

What to Expect

When your treatment has concluded, you will be free to return home or maintain your daily activities. Unlike surgical procedures, an EMSCULPT® treatment does not require a healing or recovery period. Side effects are rare but could include muscle soreness and tenderness (similar to that of a workout), which shouldn't last for more than three days. Prior to your first treatment, Dr. Snyder's team will create a customized treatment plan that will include the number of treatment sessions she feels will be needed to achieve your aesthetic goals. While patients often notice results after their first session, many patients require 4 – 8 EMSCULPT® treatments for maximal results. These sessions are typically scheduled 2 – 3 days apart. 

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Tone and tighten

Tone and tighten your body and amplify your natural radiance with EMSCULPT® . Snyder Dermatology is excited to offer this state-of-the-art, innovative treatment and is proud to be the first dermatology practice in the area to offer it. To learn if EMSCULPT® could help you attain the look you desire, contact our Austin, TX facility today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Renee Snyder or a member of our talented team.

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